Van't Hoff


White gold
Bracelet strap
Pin buckle
Water resistance
30 m
30.70 x 39 mm
9.90 mm
Hours, Minutes
EEWFS 00239
Launch date
Quintessence Edelweiss / 8-pieces limited series
Price excl. VAT
69’000 CHF


A celebration of the Oval shape in its purest and most elegant form. A world of beauty waiting to be explored by the art connoisseur.

A deliberate choice to integrate the smallest of movements enables the three-dimensional artwork inside to blossom without compromise. This ensures a watch case that expresses the elegance demanded by the designer. The absence of a crown underlines this desire for purity.

The collection “Quintessence Edelweiss”

Van’T Hoff is delighted to present its chosen flower, the iconic Edelweiss.

Found on the remote, rugged and frosty peaks of the Alps, the Edelweiss is rare and mysterious. According to folklore, giving this flower to one’s beloved is the ultimate promise of dedication.

These timepieces are for the truly brave wishing to express their endless passion with nothing less than the most magnificent token of love. Steeped in nobility the Edelweiss sparkles to ensure the wearer the beauty, uniqueness and magic that only the Queen of Flowers can impart.

Quintessence Edelweiss - Edelwhite

“Edelwhite” is an exquisitely crafted fresh and delightful ladies’ timepiece that explores the Métiers d’Art by drawing the viewer’s attention to the delicately layered complexity that renders this piece truly unique. Dive into a whirl of white petals all masterfully carved from Coco mother-of-pearl. Infinitesimal engravings and white diamonds form the star flecked base of this frosty Alpine miniature world. The heart of each Edelweiss is composed of a myriad of yellow diamonds and orange sapphires.