Joséphine Aigrette

Water resistance
30 m
22.8 x 27.4 mm
7.3 mm
Hours, Minutes
Launch date
Price excl. VAT
247’500 CHF

Strength and delicacy, balance and movement: the Joséphine collection illustrates Chaumet’s characteristic art of subtle nuance and composition.

The geometric motifs inspired by the repertoire of classical architecture embrace the supple swirls and vivacious movements of the instant.

This aerial and lofty interpretation is quintessential Chaumet: an apparent alliance of contrasts, a wedding of beauty and strength, refinement and brilliance, to celebrate the exceptional charm and sensitivity of Joséphine, both woman and empress.

Precious echo of its muse’s taste, the Joséphine collection offers a jewellery watch that perpetuates the Maison Chaumet’s distinctive style made of graceful elegance.
Alliance of delicate design with flamboyant stones, it revisits 235 years of expert tradition with contemporary creativity.

The pear shape of the Joséphine Aigrette watch, both a dew drop and a tiara, is the reminiscence of the two sides of Joséphine Bonaparte, Chaumet‘s muse: the botany enthusiast woman and the empress, woman of power. This timepiece regally crowns the wrist but is yet inspired by the blossoming of Joséphine’s garden in its subtle and soft mounting.

As a tribute to the Chaumet iconic tiara, which was reintroduced by the empress, and for the first time on the market this watch is crowned with a center stone. Like a jewel, it adorns the wrist with its beautiful and impressive certified pear-cut blue sapphire.

This precious timepiece draws upon the arts of French jewellery and Swiss watch-making, carefully preserved by the Maison for more two centuries.

So that inspiration comes true, almost sixteen carats of diamonds answering the highest standards of gems were set in various traditional techniques to fit the drawing lines and reflect all their sparkle around the pear-cut sapphire. The setting technique of nails which is used on the bezel (no claws, no grains) creates a smooth and sensual surface around the stones. Each diamond set on the bracelet is independent and articulated: it was carefully studied to ensure the suppleness yet the holding of wearing. Delicately curved, the case perfectly fits the shape of wrist.

The use of platinum, the purest & most precious metal yet hard to work also pays tribute to the expertise of the Chaumet’s workshop.

Bracelet and case, which required over 150 hours of work, were entirely crafted by in-house talented jewellers behind the walls at 12 Place Vendôme in Paris and finally found their timepiece function in Chaumet Horlogerie’s Swiss workshops in the watchmakers hands.