Van't Hoff

Time of the Tiger

White gold
Bracelet strap
Pin buckle
Water resistance
30 m
26.90 x 35 mm
10.5 mm
Hours, Minutes
AZT 80235
Launch date
Quintessence Asian Zodiac / 1-piece limited series
Price excl. VAT
88’000 CHF


A celebration of the Oval shape in its purest and most elegant form. A world of beauty waiting to be explored by the art connoisseur.

A deliberate choice to integrate the smallest of movements enables the three-dimensional artwork inside to blossom without compromise. This ensures a watch case that expresses the elegance demanded by the designer. The absence of a crown underlines this desire for purity.

The collection “Quintessence Asian Zodiac”

“Quintessence Asian Zodiac” is a collection exploring the tales and lore surrounding the bestiary of the Asian zodiac.

Inspired by the world of Japanese prints, these majestic timepieces playfully mix tradition and craftsmanship within their spherical time capsule.

It is well known that in the Asian zodiac, each year is associated with an animal, but what is less known is that in ancient times, in order to tell the time, these same animals were also associated with the hours of the day. Individually, each governs its own specific space of time within the 24-hour cycle. The question then is, of course: do you know what time is yours?

Quintessence Asian Zodiac - Time of the Tiger

The hours of the Tiger: 3am - 5am.

In the wee hours of the night, Van’T Hoff invites you to discover “Time of the Tiger”, a remarkable single edition ladies’ watch. The tiger, not the lion, in Chinese tradition, is considered the King of all beasts. Dare you question his fierceness, strength and courage?

The magic and talent of the engraver’s hand brings this imposing wild cat, leaping mightily, to life. True precision and expertise are needed to successfully create this three-dimensional scene, where the Tiger, carved of yellow gold, emerges from beneath a tree of rose gold, soaring above rocks of white gold. The gold elements are darkened in the oven and enhanced by hand with translucent laquer. The watch face is made of a delicate base of mother-of-pearl marquetry inspired by Japanese print clouds. Skillfully set diamonds grace the case to complete this splendid timepiece.  Do you have the audacity to wear this?