Golden Heart Limited Edition

Bracelet strap
Water resistance
50 m
ø 30 mm
9.30 mm
Self-winding mechanical
Power reserve: 38 h, 28800 vph
Hours, Minutes
Launch date
Golden Heart / 160-pieces limited series
Price excl. VAT
2’600 CHF

Golden Heart : Romance for eternity

1958 is a prosperous year for Eterna which shines among the stars with an extraordinary timepiece, the Eterna Matic “Golden Heart.”  The smallest automatic movement in the world is an unrivalled mix of technological prowess and a just a bit of soul, as it holds a rotor of gold. This ravishing and romantic watch wins the hearts of the icons of world cinema…Gina Lollobrigida and Brigitte Bardot embrace it and become the ambassadors of Eterna.
Today, to celebrate our 160th anniversary, the company revives the legend and presents a new vision of the "Golden Heart" in a limited edition collection of 160 timepieces.

1958 – “Golden Heart,” 1960s glamour

At the end of the 1950s, Eterna develops the smallest automatic movement in the world – 15.33mm in diameter and 5mm in height. It is fitted with a rotor with ball bearings made of solid gold visible on the back of the case made of crystal - innovative genius meets exclusivity. Integrated in a charming round case and offered with a wide variety of bracelets, it is a tremendous success, winning over the most dazzling and coveted stars of the period.

Before the Eterna “Golden Heart" is even released to the public, Gina Lollobrigida desires to have this gold watch before everybody else. She will wear it for her thirtieth birthday on July 4th 1957 and will become its ambassador; visual materials from the highly glamourous press of the time available today in the company archives bear witness to this.  
Another top star of cinema, Brigitte Bardot, is equally thrilled by the watch unique in its kind and she as well will become the muse of the "Golden Heart," accompanied by the theme “BB has found her love” .

At thirty, the Italian actress is at the peak of her glory and career ; she is the epitome of a sex symbol, turning the heads of men all over the world. BB, incredibly sensual as was shown in the cult film by Roger Vadim, And God Created Woman (1956), already represents the type of liberated woman who introduces the 60s. One and the other embody the femme fatale, extremely desirable, romantic and emancipated all at once.

2016 – “Golden Heart,” a reinterpretation of contemporary romanticism

Perpetuating the spirit of the original, the company has taken a step further: the rotor is now decorated with a heart of 18-carat 4N gold. Visible from the back through a sapphire base, its beats bring the energy of the watch to life...the watch lives up to its name.

The case retains its original spherical volume and gives the impression of a precious container; it is fitted with a circular metal return which encases the sapphire crystal. The mother-of-pearl dial boasts 8 round diamonds and four stainless steel appliqués in the form of Roman numerals. 

The profile of the case is adorned over its perimeter with a decorative frieze.  The delicately perforated metal reveals a bluish tinge thanks to a transparency effect.  These stylised motifs evoke a spiral or a wave and are reminiscent of the antique pottery forms of Clin d’œil in Saint Tropez, Rome, or at the Dolce Vita...

The same blue tone, intense and deep, can be found in the spindle inserted in the crown of the winding mechanism and is a perfect complement to the stainless steel of the case and bracelet.

The bracelet itself recaptures the fastener and cord style typical of the 1930s in a contemporary version. Yet although cords at the time were leather or fabric, today it is made of plaited steel based on a Milanese mesh; it retains all the flexibility of the original and lends a redesigned stylish look, in harmony with the body of the watch.

Understated, distinguished, gracious and feminine, “Golden Heart” develops a new set of characteristics while cultivating the original symbols, of extreme 60s glamour… Featured in the image are the two cult muses in 1958.
to the values it holds dear and continues to innovate.  It asserts its vitality with a new brand image to accompany its return to the international market. This new strategic renewal drives the company's success and ensures its future: « Eternae » !